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Brainwallet is a program that takes a passphrase (hopefully a good one) and deterministically creates a Bitcoin wallet. This wallet can be used for transactions, then deleted from the computer. To get access to the wallet again, one only needs the passphrase to recreate it.

Does something similar exist for GPG?

If yes, where can I get it?

If not, is it even possible to create such a program? Maybe it's just a bad idea?

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I don't know whether it exists in GPG in a standardized interface/format, but the answer to whether it is possible is yes. Private keys usually get seeded with random data, but you could also deterministically create private keys for GPG use from a password. –  nightcracker Oct 23 '13 at 9:10
Same problem as for all password based encryption, except a bit worse since it's not possible to use salts. So whenever practical, encrypt your private key with the password instead of using a password as seed. –  CodesInChaos Oct 23 '13 at 14:05
This shouldn’t be that difficult to made. All one need is crypto secure, password based, deterministic "random" source. –  ralu Oct 23 '13 at 18:50
@ralu The coding part is easy. Typical password quality is a problem, especially since you can't use salts. –  CodesInChaos Oct 23 '13 at 19:55
@figlesquidge, I don't know about that. How to generate a gpg key from a passphrase seems more crypto than security. –  RobKohr Mar 5 at 20:23
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