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Are there open source implementations of SSE and OPE? Can anyone please point to sample codes, if available.


If cryptDB is not an option, what other options are available?
(Indeed, these schemes are weak — which is why cryptDB proposes onion layers for encryption.)

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1) These kinds of encryption are inherently weak 2) Take a look at CryptDB –  CodesInChaos Oct 23 '13 at 11:49
Understand the design of these schemes and implement them :) –  curious Oct 23 '13 at 14:28
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Yes, in fact there is an alternative to CryptDB. After our libraries pass muster with crypto consultants, my company will be open-sourcing our crypto. We implement Boldyreva's OPE scheme, SSE and a few kinds of format-preserving encryption. We're also looking at expanding our stable of cryptographic algorithms, so in the near future we might implement other OPE and searchable encryption schemes. Unfortunately I can't be more specific right now, as it would be imprudent from a business standpoint. I'll try to remember to edit this question with a link when the announcement is made; it should be by the end of this year.

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Oh great, now I have to bookmark your answer to check it again by the end of the year. ;) [+1] –  e-sushi Oct 24 '13 at 16:09
We are waiting for the link :) –  curious Jan 6 at 11:36
I'm waiting for the go-ahead from my boss :) –  pg1989 Jan 6 at 23:16
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cryptdb has these implementations inside it . But their licensing is not Open sources as in GPL etc . They say its available for research purposes !

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