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I argue it is because there should be no more correlation between the outputs $G(s0^{|s|})$ than between the outputs $G(s)$. Thus we can say the $G'(s)$ is a PRNG that satisfies $|G'(s)| \geq 4|s|$. If we let $s' = s0^{|s|}$ and denote the set of all $s'$ by $S'$, then $s'$ should be chosen uniformly at random from $S'$. Since, as I stated there should be no correlation between $G'(s')$ for any $s'$, then effectively we are only increasing the expansion factor $l$.

Disagree? Please tell me why.

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I attempted the same editing, but wondered if $s0$ is meant to be $s_0$, or something else; and in either case those come from nowhere and I fail to parse the question. – fgrieu Mar 2 '14 at 18:10

Suppose g is a PRNG. $\:$ Define G by the following pseudocode:

def G(w):
 m = length(w)
 n = ceiling(m/2)
 set x equal to the n leftmost bits of w
 set y equal to the m-n rightmost bits of w
 z = concatenate(g(x),y)
 output z

In this case, G is a PRNG and G' is not a PRNG.

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The way you wrote this was not clear. If I understand you correctly you mean to say: "Let G(s) be a PRNG. Then where $s = s_1, \dots ,s_n$ define $G'(s) = G(s_1, \dots ,s_{n/2})||(s_{(n/2)+1, \dots, s_n)$, where $||$ denotes the concatenation. In this case G'(s) is not a PRNG." – fowlslegs Mar 2 '14 at 17:36

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