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I'd like to create a PSK key to use with TLS-RSA-PSK-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA - what is the format of this key?

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I would use the Interactive Ruby (irb) command.

  bash> irb
  irb> require 'securerandom'
=> true
  irb> SecureRandom.base64(256/8)
=> "qOo64focYhXyCPH3z5zpKyhNqQmTgtAVIP4mgJFnjrM="

This will produce a cryptographically secure random bit sequence, encoded in base64. This one is 32 bytes or 256 bits long. If you prefer hex format, try this:

  irb> SecureRandom.hex(256/8)
=> "a66d258de75987d31a4537ecd1ff7a34517bf92f2c07abb20fa0fb517f2491f1"
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