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I want to store 5-10 lines of Text Info in a PKI Certificate. All I want is that when using common tools like openssl command line or certutil from Microsoft, this text info should be displayed as is.

Is there some field in a PKI certificate which I can use for this purpose?

I found that I can use nsComments for this purpose, but from reading the docs, it's not clear as to what's the limit of characters I can store here as per the standards. Also the name of the field nsComments (netscape comments) is a little confusing. A more non-specific name would help but if there is no other alternative, I am thinking of using it - if I can find the max length.

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This is off topic, but the most common acceptable way would be for the issuer to include the text in the Subject name of the issued certificate. The "right" way, however, is to add a Certificate Policies extension, and add a link to a web site with the information you want to associate with the certificate. – Henrick Hellström Mar 27 '14 at 11:27
You are probably aware of this already, bu the nsComments extension is also deprecated according to the OpenSSL docs: "The following extensions are non standard, Netscape specific and largely obsolete. Their use in new applications is discouraged." – hakoja Mar 31 '14 at 18:52

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