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What can I change in Lane to increase memory (and compute) consumption. My first idea would be to change n, but with Lane hash function is there a way I can up the n to a level higher than 512. If I could up the n to a higher value (or preferably more blocks), how might I do that?

(I like obscure and creative hashes, but don't go complaining about "theres no security in obscurity!", I'm using SHA3 as well)

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is not about security. –  Rory Alsop Apr 23 at 5:46
Your question title appears to –  Ilmari Karonen Apr 23 at 6:32
@Rory Alsop: Lane is a hash function that was part of the SHA-3 competition, see the round 1 submissions page, and these serious handouts. I'm not sure how this one was perceived. –  fgrieu Apr 23 at 6:40

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