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I do not see how someone would distribute a “key/key agreement” without exposing it to a MITM! I would consider it to be strange if the answer is “via a HTTPS or TLS connection” because – if this is true – then why would we need HMACS at all?

I'm looking specifically on Google for 'sockets' to transport the key with node.js as I primarily use websokets in the form of github/einaros/ws. It seems very exposed to me but, I am starting to think that maybe it would be a “Socket-over-HTTPS” or “TLS”, is this true?

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I find it hard to understand what you are asking. Are you asking about how to do key exchange? If so, have you read standard textbook and other descriptions of key exchange protocols, public key cryptography, PKI, and key management? I suggest you do a little more reading on crypto, then see if you can ask a clearer question. –  D.W. Jun 20 '14 at 21:26

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