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Say I have 1 GB of data that I need to both store and send securely. This could be my intellectual property that I am trying to protect.

In this kind of scenario and considering there are wide variety of protocols (AES(128,256),RSA) and technologies to choose from, what is the thought process (general) that a Information Security officer or crypto-designer goes through?

I understand this can be very vast, but I’m only looking for some general guidelines which gives insights into thought process.

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As a general question, this is too broad. In fact, you’re already hitting the first step in a thought-process… which would be to start narrowing it down by collecting more detailed information with questions like: What exactly are your specific needs? What are we protecting against? Which scenarios (storage time, storage integrity, transport integrity, authentication, etc.) are to be expected? Are you aware of potential attack vectors that should be considered? etc. In the end, a one-fits-all approach does not exists, as things tend to strongly depend on individual needs and expectations. –  e-sushi Jul 14 at 18:18
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