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Basically CP-ABE (or attribute based encryption) allows end-users to encrypt the data with desired access control structure. I was investigating the how to do keyword-search on encrypted data given the user has appropriate keys (may be like trap-door/delegation keys).

Interestingly the paper "Multi-user Attribute Based Searchable Encryption" tries to solve the same problem which is published in 2013 in IEEE. link - (I think access to paper requires IEEE access, sorry for that)


After some investigation found that: "Enhancing Data Privacy in the Cloud", Yanbin Lu and Gene Tsudik, Iacr link proposes search leveraging on Predicate encryption as a function. - I am not sure if CP-ABE is related to predicate encryption and the search operation can be generaized for CP-ABE as well.

I am sure this problem might have been tackled much before also, so seeking some help from experts regarding Data search operation on encrypted data using CP-ABE scheme.

Thanks in advance.

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It is not clear what you are asking. you may consider re-editing it. Are you asking if cp-abe supports searchable encryption by giving away appropriate keys ? – sashank Sep 19 '14 at 23:43
In theory , ABE, PBE are further generalized as Functional encryption. So is your question whether FE (or its variants) could be used for Searchable encryption ? if then how ? – sashank Sep 20 '14 at 4:04

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