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I am aware of some crypto libraries containing functions and tools for pairing based cryptography. However, I want to have a more extensive list of them. My ultimate purpose is to implement some of the existing cryptographic schemes for efficiency comparison. Therefore, Optimality of the codes is a matter of concern here. On the other hand, ease-of-use is the other important property. (:D)

My current list of crypto libraries with pairings:

Also I want to know is there any "conventional" library for the purpose of efficiency comparison in pairing based crypto?

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I am not sure if this question can receive any real answer (maybe that could go community wiki?). For the moment: RELIC (C) and bnpairings (Java). –  DrLecter Oct 21 at 10:54
Thank you @DrLecter. How can I make it more proper "as a Question"? Can going community wiki help me on finding some kind of "conventional" library for PBC? Then, how can I help in making a community wiki out of it? Thanks again! –  Habib Oct 21 at 12:53
The question as it is now is a "shopping list question". Such questions are hard to answer as they tend to be open ended. One could compile a list as in your question into an answer and then make the answer community wiki. I am not sure, others may view such types of questions simply as "off topic" and close them. –  DrLecter Oct 21 at 12:57
Please, do not delete the question. It contains an interesting list of libraries. –  ddddavidee Oct 21 at 19:18

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