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How to create a public-key certificate for RSA Web of trust?

I have (for exemple) two public / private key pair (obviously).

They all need to sign each other certificate.

How to create the certificate?

I think the certificate is a textfile containing plaintext public key of the user, then bellow that we have each userid with their signature (plaintext key signed with their own private key)

For exemple:


-----END PUBLIC KEY-----


3 ÜgÆSˆy½žÖ˶áîŠ1$³Ç¥Ýþzî° l™aÑ®÷ðÆŽ9²vLüWÁ-”yˆr÷I8â


To verify if a certificate is valid, we use the public key of the specific user that signed the certificate and check if it's matching the plaintext public key.

Is that so simple?

And can I store the certificates on a database? Or it's not crypto-friendly?

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