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I want study more about cryptography reading papers, but I have a problems to understand few concepts: security notions, random oracle model, IND-CCA, ... etc. I began study this concepts by internet: wikipedia, sites etc, but I like have a didactic book to learn this concepts. Please anybody will be able to recommend a didactic book?

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Practical Cryptography, by Ferguson and Schneier, is slightly more engaging than a pure reference book, and you might find it more readable than some of the other more technical tomes. Otherwise, there are not many straight-up "story books" that discuss the technology at a bits-and-bytes level.

You will likely find more interesting books in the history category, especially those that discuss wartime codes and cyphers. "The Code Book" by Simon Singh, is a more technical history than most, and is not a bad read. "The Story of Magic: Memoirs of an American Cryptologic Pioneer" by Frank Rowlett, is a first hand account of setting up the United States' code breaking capabilities - it's dry, common in the style of the era, but it's obviously very personal. "Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945", by Leo Marks, is an extremely well-written story, and he brings in a lot of excitement and adventure. Mr. Marks went on to become a successful screenwriter, and has a gift for telling the stories in a very colorful and engaging way.

While the history books are not overly technical, they still present many of the concepts you seem to be asking for.

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Modern Cryptography Theory and Practice is what i would suggest , it finely balances theory and practice as title suggests and all the theory concepts are well explained in normal language with ample references

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