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I recently read Improved Generic Algorithms for 3-Collisions by Joux and Lucks (Asiacrypt 2009), available as I was wondering about applications of this technique (excluding of course the applications already given in appendix). So my question is: Are there interesting applications (constructive or cryptanalytic, preferably practical) of this method that have been proposed since 2009 ?

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There are more recent papers that cite Joux and Lucks. Example: "Preimage Attacks against PKC98-Hash and HAS-V", Sasaki et al., uses the Joux-Lucks algorithm to attack two hash functions.

Have you looked at newer papers that cite Joux and Lucks? Have you done a literature search, to find newer papers that cite their Asiacrypt 2009 paper? Google Scholar, Citeseer, and Microsoft Academic Search can help you here. That'd be a good start. If someone uses the Joux-Lucks algorithm in their work, they'll probably cite the Joux and Lucks paper.

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The first thing I did was a google scholar search. It is because of the small number of results returned that I am asking here. I should have mentioned that in the question. – minar Jul 17 '13 at 7:02

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