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I think the flash implementation is wrong: (using Linux, OS X terminal etc.) not true, see below echo 328831e0435a3137f6309807a88da234 | xxd -r -p > plain.dat openssl enc -e -aes-128-ecb -iv 00 -K 2b28ab097eaef7cf15d2154f16a6883c -in plain.dat -out plain.dat.out -nopad yields hd plain.dat.out 00000000 57 16 aa fa ...


AES has a block-size of 128 bits in all its variants. The number in AES-128/192/256 is the key-size. Rijndael, the block-cipher that became AES, also supports 256 bit blocks, but that part was not standardized as AES. Since the block-size is 128 bits, GCM works exactly the same way for AES-256 as it does for AES-128.


I suppose you have removed the base64 decoding, so you are working on the raw data. Then indeed the first block is decrypted as if we were in ECB-mode, because after decrypting the first block, we xor with the IV, which is all 0 and indeed has no effect. However, the IV for the next block will be the original previous ciphertext block. So after decrypting ...

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