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32-bit value output is chosen from table depending on 8-bit input position value. Table is tipical implementation of s-box for block ciphers. S-box always has input and output size. They are usually both 8-bit (AES) or 4-bit (Serpent). When implemented as table output size defines size of entries and input size defines number of entries. In case of Blowfish ...


One option is to encipher each number as follows: concatenate one 0 bit, the index for the number to encipher (or a random value) on 31 bits, and the 32-bit number to encipher, to form a 64 bit value with the leftmost bit at 0 encipher with blowfish (and a fixed secret key) if the leftmost bit of the result is set, loop to 2 output the 64-bit result (which ...

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