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With multiple blocks the scheme is definitely not CPA as the same plaintext blocks encrypt to the same ciphertext. Using the security game given here as a framework for proving this, begin by letting $m_0 = 0^n0^n1^n$ and $m_1 = 0^n1^n0^n$. Given back a ciphertext $c = Enc_{k1, k2}(m_i)$ (where $i \in \{0, 1\}$) we can look at blocks two and three of $c$ to ...


Here's an artificial example: Start with some secure encryption scheme with encryption function $\mathcal{E}(\cdot)$, and construct a new scheme with encryption function $\mathcal{E}'(\cdot)$, which for any input message $m$ copies the first bit, $b$, of the message, and outputs $b||\mathcal{E}(m)$, where $||$ denotes concatenation. For such a scheme, ...

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