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Give a zero-knowledge proof that $y_1 \times y_2$ is a Quadratic Residue. [Extra verbage included because a one line answer feels too brief] If we have $y_1 = x_1^2 t^{b_1}$ and $y_2 = x_2^2 t^{b_2}$, then $y_1 y_2 = (x_1x_2)^2 t^{b_1 + b_2}$. If $b_1 = b_2$, this product is either $(x_1x_2)^2$ (if $b_1 = b_2 = 0$), or $(x_1x_2t)^2$ (if $b_1 = b_2 = 1$), ...

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