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Often people build hardware that contains cryptographic algorithms, and they are worried about what happens if that hardware falls into the hands of an attacker. Historically, there have been several approaches to making it harder for the attacker, often used in some combination: Hardware and cryptographic algorithms specifically chosen or designed to ...


A cryptographical algorithm can't be immune or not immune to side channel attacks; this is because a side channel attack attacks the implementation and not the actual algorithm. Any algorithm that uses secret data can be implemented in a way that has side channel attacks, and any algorithm can be implemented in a way that may be resistant (the hard-core ...


First, take note of my answer to the question Estimating bits of entropy. A key phrase therein: You'll never be able to look at a bitstream without knowing the distribution and say "there are X bits of entropy here." The ent program doesn't know the distribution of the data it's looking at; instead it performs some statistical tests that any ...


Ah ... I see. I am not a C/C++-expert. So the union in injector "projects"ints on bitfield and vice versa. That is, the start of ints and bitfield in memory is the same. Writing on bitfield automatically writes on ints. See http://www.wachtler.de/ck/8_7_struct_union.html (in german). So everything is fine.

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