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The CTR part of CCM is basically the last for loop in the _ctrMode function: for (i=0; i<l; i+=4) { ctr[3]++; enc = prf.encrypt(ctr); data[i] ^= enc[0]; data[i+1] ^= enc[1]; data[i+2] ^= enc[2]; data[i+3] ^= enc[3]; } i.e. CTR is simply: encrypt a counter block with a block cipher, xor the encrypted block into the data, ...


If by "encrypted" you mean generating a keystream, then what you propose is to use in the CTR mode $$ C_i = P_i \oplus F_K(IV||i) $$ the following function $F$: $$ F_{K_1||K_2||K_3} = E_{K_1}\oplus E_{K_2} \oplus E_{K_3}. $$ This is secure as long as you ensure that for each key all the used IVs are different (i.e. are nonces). As mentioned in another ...

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