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Given the choice, it is preferable to use the block encryption operation of AES, since it often faster than block decryption (never slower AFAIK). For this reason, AES-CTR is defined to use the block encryption operation of AES exclusively; that's both for AES-CTR encryption and AES-CTR decryption, which are the same operation except for IV generation/input. ...


The one you have in hardware. Sometimes the hardware only supports block encryption (because it is sufficient for e.g. CTR), in which case that will be faster. If the hardware supports both, there is probably no difference. I doubt many implementations only support decryption, but if you have one that does, that would be faster. The speed of raw ...


It is usually seen that decryption operations are slightly faster than encryption. But considering the working mode of AES, CTR uses same steps in both encryption and decryption. So It does not matter which one you use in CTR, both should give essentially same performance.

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