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If I understand your question correctly, you want to generate a short value $v(T)$ from a table $T$ such that if $T_1$ and $T_2$ have the same size and the same elements in each corresponding cell, then $v(T_1) = v(T_2)$, and if the tables have different sizes or different elements then $v(T_1) \ne v(T_2)$. What you need for that is two ingredients: A ...


A practical solution is CryptonorDB which allows you to run queries without decrypting the data. Is somehow similar with CryptDB which is designed as a plug-in for MySQL(and possible other SQL servers), but CryptonorDB is a NoSQL db system and works with JSON documents. Edit: as suggested by community, I'll detail more about encryption algorithms used in ...


Here is a new comer: CryptonorDB, it encrypts data before it's stored and decrypted just before it's used on client side. It applies different encryption schemes(AES and Camellia in CBC mode for JSON documents and ECB and OPE for tags to allow searching without decrypting the data). (Disclaimer: I'm involved in project)

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