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DES with 2 rounds is broken. It is trivial to find a way to get the key with much less work than for the full DES (and even that is broken). DES is a Feistel cipher, so we have two halves, the left and the right half. For every round, we do something with the one half and a subkey, and then XOR it with the other half. After that we switch both halves, ...


In short, yes. The complementation property of DES states that if $DES_K(P) = C$, then $DES_{\overline{K}}(\overline{P}) = \overline{C}$, where $\overline{X}$ is the complement of a string $X$. ECB with DES takes a message $M_1M_2\cdots M_\ell$ and computes $C_1C_2\cdots C_\ell$, where $C_i = DES_K(M_i)$, for $1\le i\le\ell$. Therefore, if you encrypt ...

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