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In computer science, and implementation of crypto, ROTL stands for ROTate Left. ROTL is also noted ROL, or RLNC for Rotate Left No Carry. On a $w$-bit word with bits numbered from $0$, bit number $j$ of the input of ROTL with a shift count of $n$ goes to bit $j+n\bmod w$ of the result; $n=1$ unless otherwise specified (and is the only value available on ...


That should be possible yes. It's probably ECB or CBC mode encryption. If it is CBC mode encryption then the first 8 bytes (16 hex characters) may be the IV. Otherwise it is likely to be a vector consisting of 8 zero bytes (or eight 00 hex characters of course). I presume here that you can distinguish the result from random of course. If that's not the case ...

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