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One simple approach is to truncate the output to 56 bits. I believe this was considered in Hellman's original paper on time-space tradeoffs. Sometimes people get all excited by rainbow tables (partly because it has a cool name, maybe) but forget about Hellman's original paper on the time-space attack. Hellman's paper is very much worth reading, especially ...


It seems to me you can do everything as when calculating a rainbow table for a hash function, except that choosing a good reduction function is very easy. For example, define a chain starting from $k$ as: $$c_k(0) = T(E_k(0))$$ $$c_k(i) = T(E_{c_k(i-1) \oplus i}(0)),$$ where $T$ truncates its input to 56 bits. Now you can create a rainbow table with $n$ ...

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