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Verilog is Turing complete, so you can implement any algorithm in Verilog, if you really want to.


Microsoft Security Account Manager (SAM) Remote Protocol has a way to map 7 bytes to a DES key, similar (possibly identical) to the question's "concatenating the 7 bit chunks together, left to right (big-endian sense)". One way to see it is that the key bits are laid out on a line, by increasing indexes of bytes and within that in big-endian order (that is, ...


The one time I've seen a system compress a DES key into 7 bytes, it did it by logically placing the 8 bytes of the standard DES key into an 8x8 table, and then flipping the table along the diagonal axis, so that bit x of byte y of the standard DES key was mapped to bit 7-y of byte 7-x of the compressed key. For example, the first byte of the compressed key ...


I can't provide you with good numbers without actually benchmarking on your system. All I can provide you with are estimates, based on the fact that Serpent is roughly as fast as DES. Of course the figures I can give you aren't actually brute-force figures but rather how much data can be encrypted per time, but this should give a solid estimate of the ...

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