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There already exist standard primes that might be used for Finite Field Discrete Logarithm based schemes. One set is found in RFC 3526. Another set is currently in the process of being standardized as part of TLS and can be found in the current Negotiated FF DHE draft (this link will expire no later than June 15 2015). The smallest prime in the former set ...


First, I think you have a typo in your question since in the original article $s = (M - x y)(r^{-1}) \mod p-1$, and not $s = (M - x^y)(r^{-1}) \mod p-1$. Knowing that, then we can construct $s_2$ from $s, r, M$ and $M_2$: $s_2 = s + (M_2 - M)r^{-1} = (M - x^y)r^{-1} + (M_2 - M)r^{-1} = (M - x^y + M_2 - M)r^{-1} = (M_2 - x y)r^{-1}$ A valid signature for ...

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