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A few relevant mailing lists: cypherpunks@cpunks.org cryptography@metzdowd.com (moderated) cryptography@randombit.net liberationtech@lists.stanford.edu Other crypto mailing lists with a narrower technical focus: messaging@moderncrypto.org curves@moderncrypto.org cfrg@irtf.org tls@ietf.org


An inner product is a map from a vector space crossed with itself to $\mathbb{R}$ or $\mathbb{C}$. Also an inner product must be positive definite: $\langle x, x\rangle\geq 0$. A bilinear map, to contrast, is simply a map $A\times B\to C$ for linear spaces $A,B,C$ which is bilinear. I think positive definiteness is the most important thing that inner ...


Nitpick: keytool accepts both alias and keypass if specified; if not specified it prompts for key password if needed but defaults alias to mykey. A JCEKS file can be operated on either by keytool or by other code. JCEKS can support three types of entries: privateKey, trustedCert, and secretKey (the older and default JKS file can do the first two). The ...


The tricky point is that modulo a Blum integer (the product n = pq of two primes p and q that are equal to 3 modulo 4), in general, a quadratic residue (a value that is a square of something) has four square roots, not two. Consider the "normal" Rabin algorithm. Message m is encrypted into c = m2 mod n. To decrypt, you work modulo p and ...

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