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In the document the P-256 parameters describe the curve P-256 on which you want to perform the operations. Traditionally a curve is represented in Weierstrass-form as the set of points for which $$y^2\equiv x^3 + ax+b \pmod p$$ holds. Where $p$ is the prime defining the field for the operation and $a$ and $b$ define the shape of the curve. A point on the ...


I provide a specific example. Say $p=11.$ You want to find the points of the elliptic curve $y^2=x^3+1$ over the finite field $L=GF(p^2).$ Also set $K=GF(p).$ Then a defining polynomial of the quadratic extension $L/K,$ will be an irreducible quadratic polynomial over $K.$ Suffices to take $f(z)=z^2+7z+2.$ Now you have to take every element of $L$ as the ...

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