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I've now spoken with representatives from two IBE vendors. The Voltage system allows "federation" by which one Voltage appliance can exchange system parameters with another Voltage appliance. It's not clear if this is done using RFC 5091, RFC 5408 and RFC 5409. The other vendor does not support such a mode of operation.


First, recall that in a chosen-ciphertext attack (CCA) model, the attacker has access to a decryption oracle. A scheme is said CCA-secure if access to a decryption oracle does not give any advantage to the attacker. Knowing this, a very simple CCA attack can be done on BasicIdent. I will use the description of the scheme from Wikipedia. As you can see, ...


The pairing description (type, q, h, r, etc.) is the definition of the field that the elliptic curve of some type operates on. The actual curve is identified by its type and is baked into the framework (e.g. PBC) you're using. This definition corresponds to $q$ (group order, same as q), $\mathbb{G}, \mathbb{G}_T$ (groups defined by pairing description and ...


The server must give the clients all the necessary information for the clients to be able to compute the pairing. This will differ depending on how pairings are implemented in the system, and what prior knowledge the clients have.

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