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AES 256 works fine on an atmega328. I use it to encrypt radio transmission.


Despite what I'm writing in the next three paragraphs, you should stick to the advice given by owlstead's answer and never make any even small change to a crypto algorithm (like changing the order of steps), even if you are a competent cryptographer (if you are, you probably wouldn't consider modifications except for very good reasons worth a publication). ...


No, modified algorithms they are unlikely to be harder to break, unless the changes were explicitly made by a cryptographer to make the algorithm more secure. They are certainly not any safer just because they are different. Due to the Kerckhoff principle you should assume that the algorithm is known. So changes in the algorithm in itself does not increase ...


Seems to be opinion-based, since there´s a lack of special point (which modification do you want to make?). But similar questions, that asked for specific modifications, get the same answer: in general, by modifying something without knowing specifically what you´re doing, you´ll be making it worst. Crypto algorithms are designed with specific things in ...

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