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Generating the IV for CBC mode by encrypting a counter is one of the IV generation methods recommended in NIST SP 800-38A, Appendix C: "There are two recommended methods for generating unpredictable IVs. The first method is to apply the forward cipher function, under the same key that is used for the encryption of the plaintext, to a nonce. The nonce ...


Indeed both have the aim to prevent same messages "encrypting" to the same plaintext. The difference is the context. People speak about using IVs if they want to use them in blockcipher modes, like CTR or CBC. People use the word "salt" if they want to refer to something that is stored in public but must be somewhat random and large. Usually this applies ...


Well, your requirements sound pretty much like standard disk encryption ones. Assuming you can assign IDs (0,1,2...) to each 4kiB sector implicitely.In this case you could simply use XTS-mode of encryption using AES. You'd then iterate through the 4kiB block using the inner counter and iterate through all sectors using the outer counter. This should give ...


Yes. They're called Format-Preserving Encryption schemes, and this is the best known construction of that.

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