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Do not invent your own authenticated encryption mode. Use a standardized one, and use a well-supported library to implement it in your code. AES-GCM, AES-CCM, AES-OCB, and AES-CBC with HMAC-SHA256 over the ciphertext are all common options. Some great direction from Matt Green here: How to choose an Authenticated Encryption mode


Signing and encrypting together is not secure in this method, at least in the way most would perceive security. For example, Bob would likely interpret this message as being sent from Alice to Bob. However, Alice may have sent it to Charles who decrypted and re-encrypted the signed message under Bob's public-key. In order to do this securely, you need to add ...


Instead of trying to invent your own protocol, you'd be much better off using something that is already out there. For example, you could use TLS to transport the data. Another option would be to use GnuPG and some other transport mechanism (post the file on a website to be downloaded by Bob, send it via email, etc). Now, to your question of does this ...

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