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"RSA/ECB/PKCS1Padding" - as you already found out - is not really implementing ECB. For instance Bouncy Castle also has "RSA/None/PKCS1Padding" to mean the same thing. ECB is used for block cipher modes of operation, and RSA is not a block cipher. For block ciphers ECB makes some kind of sense; it basically means performing the block cipher operation for ...


lm = nm; low = nw; hm = lm; high = low; You're setting hm = nm since lm = nm. Correct is: hm = lm; lm = nm; high = low; low = nw;


You have your main question, and a few in the comments. I will try to answer the important ones. String decr = ?????? // THIS IS WHAT I'M AFTER CTR mode decryption is the same as encryption, so you call the encrypt on the ciphertext. In this implementation, the output CTR ciphertext is prefixed with the 8 byte nonce, then encoded to text readable. The ...


Well, I've translated it to show all the things that go wrong using inline comments: // this sucks, don't use public class ChrisVenessAES { // that should not be a singleton lazybones, it may contain state private static final CharsetEncoder ASCII_ENCODER = ...

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