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RFC 4492 specifies ECC for TLS1.0 and TLS1.1. It does not cover TLS1.2 because it was written before TLS1.2; notice that 4492 is less than 5246. RFC 5246 TLS1.2 changes the signature structure for all signing algorithms including ECDSA, and also adds a Hello extension to negotiate supported signing algorithms (including hash) more flexibly. RFC 5246 A.7 ...


For the symmetric key, you can approach this problem as a complete graph with order 1000. With the vertexes representing people and the edges representing the symmetric keys. Then each vertex would have degree 999 and, applying the Handshaking lemma, the number of edges would be: (1000 * 999)/2 = 499500 So they would need 499500 symmetric keys to have a ...

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