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One real problem is that lack of authentication between the two sides. Here's one possible problem: Alice generates an RSA keypair (we assume Alice is using proper random numbers) Alice sends the public key as plain text to Bob. Eve intercepts this message, and forwards on a message to Bob with her public key Bob generates a 3DES session key: ...


Can Alice obtain the session key due to the multiplicative properties of the modulus function and the basis of which RSA is built on? Essentially, yes. One way of looking why RSA works (that is, why the encryption and decryption are inverses of each other) is because of two mathematical identities: $$(M^a \bmod N)^b \bmod N = M^{a \cdot b} \bmod N$$ ...


Guess the catch in the video is in how the participants exchange details 'publicly'. If the Man-In-The-Middle can intercept and manipulate what is being 'publicly' shared, then the attempt to eavesdrop would still be successful.

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