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First, I am assuming, per https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/29172/what-changed-between-tls-and-dtls, that the client handshake protocol in DTLS is not different from that in TLS over TCP. This seems a safe bet since the client/server encrypted handshake protocol in OpenVPN's UDP implementation is the same as in standard TLS over TCP. I am not ...


There are several kind of quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols as of today. Are you looking for a particular one? The best known QKD protocol goes by the name BB84 after its inventors Bennett and Brassard and the year in which they presented their work. Searching on the Internet, I found this link http://fredhenle.net/bb84/demo.php with a simulation ...


Well, hope that it's not late for this answer. Because it was yesterday that I encountered this problem and I'm new to this wonderful website. According to your description, and as far as I know, this protocol meets your demands very well. First, it works with RSA as you have mentioned in the second paragraph. The original version of this protocol is ...


You're missing that "All exponentiations are done modulo a particular 1536-bit prime". See https://docs.python.org/3.1/library/functions.html#pow.

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