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Guess the catch in the video is in how the participants exchange details 'publicly'. If the Man-In-The-Middle can intercept and manipulate what is being 'publicly' shared, then the attempt to eavesdrop would still be successful.


A lot of modern cryptography is based on some mathematical assumptions and aims to achieve what is called Computational Security. That means that the adversary (Eve) could get some information about the plaintext with a negligible probability and the adversary is modeled as someone with bounded computational power, storage and bounded time. So all the ...


For Ca -> 1. They need not to be online all the time. 2. Their certificate can be used when CA is offline. 3. There is no performance bottleneck while getting certificate certified. 4. There no single point failure like in KDC. 5. Compromising CA may not lead to knowing private keys. For KDC, think of above points, you will get to know.

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