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Am I going to regret posting this? There seems to be enough non-classified information available about GPS to answer this question. I see 3 reasons why P(Y) encryption is different and less likely to be hacked than game console encryption: Hardware containing the GPS decryption key is more difficult to obtain than hardware containing the game console ...


Typical scenario is to run the raw shared secret through a key derivation function to generate keys for any symmetric primitives they will use.


The master keys are kept very securely and are used to generate session keys which enable the decryption of the high-precision codes only for a limited time. Some military underling has the unfortunate task of priming all the GPS equipment with the codes for the time period for which their use is anticipated. It's common for the equipment to forget the keys ...


In the context of RSA, when we say an "N bit prime", we mean that it's a prime in the range $[2^{n-1}, 2^n)$. In addition, when we say an RSA key is an "N bit key", we mean that it's in the range $[2^{n-1}, 2^n)$. What this means that if you pick two random $N/2$ bit primes, and multiply them together, you'll get an $N-1$ bit modulus about half the time. ...

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