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The triple DES (3DES) block cipher works by essentially running the block through DES three times. Triple DES is also known as "DES EDE" (encrypt-decrypt-encrypt) and under the name given by the standard document: "TDEA". The TDEA algorithm is described in FIPS NIST Special Publication 800-67 Revision 1 where paragraph 3.2 describes the TDEA Keying Options. ...


It looks fine; whether you use the secret $S_0, S_1$ as the HMAC key, or whether you use the random value $r$ as the HMAC key; if $t' = t$, it implies that either $S_0 = S_1$, or we found a collision in the underlying hash function. I would personally suggest you use $S_0, S_1$ as the key. With HMAC, it doesn't really matter; however if we extend this to ...

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