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Xor can help find bits not yet known whether most significant or least significant and help the adversary find more information about both cipher and plain text, especially if a table of potential plain texts and even keys is stored in cinjunction with but wise Xor. Some reading: ...


Feistel networks were broken in DES but not triple DES. Some final AES candidates not approved also used Feistel networks $2^{36}$ plain text attacks. Reduction of $2^{16}$ possible keys for single DES: $4^{48/6} = 4^{8} = 2^{16}$. First for a one round Feistel network: $R_0$ and $f (R_O, k_1) = R_1 \oplus L_0$, $k_1$ becomes known. For two round Fiestel: ...

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