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xagawa's original answer is almost correct, except for the valid concern pointed out by Florian in the comments. (The updated answer looks good to me.) The answer to the question is "yes," except that the most 'lattice-y' proof works for the modified version of the Regev system defined in Applebaum-Cash-Peikert-Sahai CRYPTO'09. (A version of this was also ...


I give another simple proof using the leftover hash lemma. The proof goes as follows, where I'll abuse the notation and assume that q is prime. Game0 The adversary can see $$(A,b,c,u,v,w,s) = (A, As+e, At+f, rA, rb+x\lfloor q/2 \rceil, rc+y\lfloor q/2 \rceil, s).$$ Game1 The view is changed as $$(A,b,c,u,v,w,s) = (A, As+e, c, rA, rb+x\lfloor q/2 \rceil, ...

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