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The answer may depend on your exact definitions of "homomorphic" and "malleable", but I'll give it a shot. Basically, homomorphic encryption denotes that, given encryptions $E_k(x)$ and $E_k(y)$ of some values $x$ and $y$, it is possible to obtain an encryption of $x\ast y$ under $k$ from $E_k(x)$ and $E_k(y)$, where $\ast$ is some binary operation, without ...


Vigenere Cryptosystem is as follow: You chose a key $(K_0,...,K_{m-1})$ consisting of elements in $Z_{26}$. Then a ciphertext for the message $(M_0,...,M_{n-1})$ is $$(M_i+K_{i\mod m}\mod 26)_{i \in [0..n-1]}$$ It is easy to see that you can generate a ciphertext for the message $(M_0+1,...,M_{n-1}+1)$ by adding 1 to each letter. It is therefore by ...

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