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As you probably know the public key in McEliece is an $k \times n $ binary matrix, encoding a generator matrix for a randomly permuted Goppa code (i.e. $G_{\mathsf{pub}} = SGP$, where $S$ is any $k \times k$ invertible binary matrix, $G$ a $k \times n$ generator matrix for an $(n, k, t)$ binary Goppa code, and $P$ a $n \times n$ permutation matrix). ...


McEliece public keys need about 100 kByte to 1 MByte depending on the desired security level. 65 kB for 80 bits of security (too low, corresponds to 1024 bit RSA) 150 kB for 112 bits of security 220 kB for 128 bits of security 1000 kB for 256 bits of security The McBits paper contains the following table:

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