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Every 10 min S1 publish the hash value of PS+the current time which is used as public identifier (PI). Every one can see the value of PI in the internet. As S2 has the value of PS, he also use MD5 to get the hash value of PS+the current time and compare it to the value published by S1 and therefore identify that the value provide from S1. Essentially, ...


No, having multiple hashes will not make determining the secret which was hashed any easier.


Your scheme is likely sound as the SHA-256 hash limits the input to the MD5 hashing function. If this was not so it could be possible (though very hard) to create a collision because of the break. Generally it is more secure to simply use the 128 leftmost bits of the output of SHA-256. SHA-3 - or rather SHAKE256 - would be even better if available. Keep in ...

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