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There are two well-known Encryption modes, that can construct a $mn$-bit tweakable blockciphers from a $n$-bit blockcipher ($n=64$ for DES) with $1\le m\le n$. The older one is CMC, being not parallelizable. It was superseeded by Encrypt-Mix-Encrypt (EME), which is parallelizable. The basic idea of the two algorithms is to encrypt each block of input data ...


In addition to the tweakable enciphering schemes in the comments, I'll leave this reference here: https://eprint.iacr.org/2009/356.pdf It essentially shows (in the ideal cipher model) that using an n-bit block cipher in a three-round Feistel construction gives you a 2n-bit block cipher.


The problem with this question is that the question is incomplete. It's like asking the question "should I use a hammer or a screw driver". Without knowing the underlying application and requirements it is impossible to properly answer this question (in fact, the answer may be "tape measure"). Still, ECB and CBC each have their strengths and weaknesses. ...

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