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Basically you are talking about “superencipherment”. This has a long history in cyptography, but it eats up space like crazy. Your observation of PK cyptography being vulnerable is true. Solving 'Prime' would bring the house down.


They rely on problems not so different as you might think. They are based either in the factoring problem or in the discrete logarithm problem, which have a deep connection between each other. Once you have an algorithm that can efficiently solve one, you most likely would be able to adapt it to reproduce an answer for the other in polynomial time. Thus ...


I don't know about computing things in parallel, so I will ignore that part of the question. First, please note that the encryption algorithm is rarely the the weak point of the security. It is far more likely that you will have problems with the implementation, some spyware installed on your computer, a weak password (If you use qwerty as your password, ...

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