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NIST SP800-131A (Recommendation for Transitioning the Use of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Lengths, 2011) ยง4 specifies that the RNGs from ANSI X9.31 are disallowed after 2015, but as fgrieu notes this is a 3DES-based algorithm; the NIST specification does not explicitly mention the commonly-used AES variant. NIST does however recommend (but not mandate) ...


X9.31-based PRNGs as used in current practice (including in the Botan library) tend to be extensions of the generator of ANSI X9.31-1998 appendix A.2.4 (which designated purpose is as a submodule of a prime generator for RSA keys). This really is the PRNG of ANSI X9.17-1985 Appendix C (which designated purpose is generating DES keys), also described in ...

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