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No. Cryptography alone cannot solve this problem. Solving this problem requires a combination of technical (e.g., cryptography, systems security) and non-technical (e.g., legal, regulatory, contractual) solutions. Even the technical part is not solely a cryptography question; it as much about systems security.


AES or DES/TripleDES are just primitives. These primitives aide in building the properties of the system you were describing. The 5 properties are that of the system but not a single algorithm. We need a combination of crypto algorithms sometimes to achieve these properties in certain setup. Few examples, Confidentiality of data-in-transit in a ...


A theoretical concept for that is covered by so called contract signing protocols. There are quite some research papers into this direction, such as the seminal paper and follow up works in the field of (optimistic) contract signing. For instance, this one or this one. Such protocols always involve a trusted third party, although this party might not be ...


I think destroying the private key and using a notary could be some kind of solution to that problem. Both Parties create a private and public key. The public keys are signed by a CA. Both parties sign the document with their private key. After signing the document both parties destroy their private key. After step 4 nobody can claim that he lost the ...

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