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Not as secure as a one time pad. A key concept with one time pads is that no part of them is ever reused. It is a common pitfall of people attempting to implement cryptography to assume that an obscure relationship is necessarily a secure one: it is not. You are create a chain of SHA hashes that can be observed, and potentially decoded. Therefore what you ...


Could someone even recognize that the values are encrypted? Well, maybe, maybe not. You're correct that the values would all appear to be valid dates (this is known as format-preserving encryption, by the way), so they would not look obviously encrypted, the way, say, a random hex string would. If someone just saw a small number of such dates, with no ...


Yes, the same weaknesses apply. Text on computers is a bunch of numbers; a OTP encrypts a sequence of numbers modulo 2.


In cases where Alice and Bob are guaranteed to arrive at the same key, this is impossible: the function that takes Alice and Bob's private info as input, and produces the public transcript as output, must be a one-way function if the scheme is to be secure and if it always negotiates a shared key. If it sometimes fails, then you don't necessarily get a OWF; ...

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