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Nowadays, One time password are generally used for two-factor authentication. For example, in Banking System, before making an transaction, an OTP is sent to user in order to verify his/her authenticity. There are many schemes developed by researchers. Just have a look at https://www.cs.umd.edu/~jkatz/papers/password.pdf. It performs authentication even with ...


Yes, your best choice is indeed to use a key derivation function. However you should consider using the TLS-PSK set of cipher suites for your needs. If you use the variant with DHE / ECDHE key exchange (recommended) included you don't have to rely on your passphrase being strong for security, both the password and the discrete logarithm have to be disclosed ...


I suppose you could use the initial passphrase as the key of a block cipher to encrypt a session dependent non-secret data, e.g. date and message serial number etc., and use that for your purpose.

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