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You can use your HardwareID as basis for the encryption key. If the ID provides enough entropy it'll work. However, if anyone can somehow obtain the ID (which might be quite easy to do) one can decrypt the file. For CFB-Mode the IV must indeed be unpredictable (but need not be secret), so random is just fine, but DO NOT REUSE AN IV. Encryption large ...


I did the procedure myself, and I can confirm that base64 decoding will do the trick; the full decrypted file will have == at the end somewhere. After decoding, the "file" command will reveal the plain text type. The '.uyu' file is quite easy to "decrypt" as well, I noted.


openssl rsa -pubin -inform PEM -text -noout < public_key.pem Public-Key: (64 bit) Modulus: 16513720463601767803 (0xe52c8544a915157b) Exponent: 65537 (0x10001) The modulus is small enough that you can easily factor it After finding the prime factors, you can calculate the private exponent After you have the private exponent, you raise each 64-bit block ...

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