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This may be off-topic since it is really about OpenSSL... For your question 1, the values you get are the prefix 04 (which indicates that the point is represented in uncompressed form) followed by the $x$- and $y$-coordinates of the generator. Here you have 97 bytes, so eliminate the first byte and then you have both coordinates, which take 48 bytes each. ...


i got this, it's not with openssl, but python e = 0x10001 N = 0x1234214.... words = open("words.txt").read().split() for w in words: ww = int(w.encode("hex"), 16) print pow(ww, e, N)


ECKEY object may contain: Group Private key Public key Both Group and Private key are needed to be able to calculate signature. It is most convenient to use generic ECKEY object (from API perspective), as it easy to e.g. convert between commonly used PKCS#8 PEM encoded EC private keys and ECKEY objects, and because just a BIGNUM would not be sufficient. ...


The question's bytestring 2a 86 48 86 f7 0d 01 01 01 is the Value field of an ASN.1 BER/DER TLV with type 6, which is the Object IDentifier for an RSA key (the Type and Length just before are coded as 06 09, and won't be further discussed). In order to parse that Value bytestring, we first separate the bytes into blocks ending after each byte which ...

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