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For starters: Paillier and RSA are based on very similar assumptions, and both systems would be broken immediately by an algorithm to factor large composites. Additionally, knowing $\phi(n)$ or $\lambda(n)$ is quite essential to both systems, because the trapdoor for decryption is based on that. As you can see, the relation to RSA is quite close, and thus ...


It can not do multiplication in the plaintext domain using two ciphertexts. In other words, given $E(m_1)$ and $E(m_2)$, you can not get $E(m_1\cdot m_2)$. You can only get $E(m_1+m_2)$. Given $E(m_1)$ and $m_2$, you can get $E(m_1\cdot m_2)$ however. But notice that $m_2$ in this case was not encrypted. On the site you reference, $C$ is not encrypted. It ...

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