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The secret key blob consist of 1718 bytes where the first 1500 indicates the corresponding public key. The last 200 ish bytes store the encoded secret key. The secret key is a trinary polynomial with coefficients -1,0,1. So we only need to store the position of non-zero coefficients. The last couple of hundreds of bytes in the encoded secret key suggest ...


NTRU private polynomial $f$, as described in Section 9.2.1 of IEEE Std. 1363.1, is computed as $f = 1 + p \cdot F \mod q$, where $F$ is a ternary polynomial of degree $N-1$ with a specific number of coefficients equal to -1, 1, and 0, determined by parameter $d_F$ (i.e., $d_F$ coefficients equal to 1, $d_F$ coefficients equal to -1, and the rest are 0's). ...

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