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Dinh, Moore, Russell have shown that the quantum algorithm (Quantum Fourier sampling) used to attack RSA and ElGamal does not work on McEliece-like crypto systems. (I think) this means, that there are no known algorithms on quantum computers that decrease the complexity of attacks on McEliece, and thus McEliece is just as safe post-quantum computers as it is ...


The stated problem is discussed in this paper, called the Scrambler-Permutation Problem.


Choose some 128-bit hash function, such as RIPEMD-128, and a way of randomizing it, such as this. The private key is either 60 uniformly random 128-bit strings s00,s01,...,s58,s59 and a uniformly random short salt or a seed to regenerate those. $\:$ For each i in {00,01,...,58,59}, vi is the result of hashing si 19 times. $\:$ The public key is the ...

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