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PE is a subclass of FE. This (from the other answer) is correct. Also, from my understanding, your analogy is correct. PE returns the plaintext if the predicate evaluates to true. FE, on the other hand, returns a function of the plaintext. We can say that PE is a subclass of FE, since we can use FE to implement PE. Just use the identity function. Your ...


PE is a subclass of FE. A description can be found on page 256 of the book “Theory of Cryptography: 8th Theory of Cryptography Conference, TCC 2011”. The related paper is available in PDF format via Functional Encryption: Definitions and Challenges Dan Boneh, Amit Sahai, Brent Waters


At first, your syntax (Setup,GenKey,Encrypt,Query) seems to be the syntax of public-key encryption with keyword-search (PKES). In the case of predicate-based encryption, we use Decrypt rather than Query. The Sahai-Waters Fuzzy IBE I recommend Sahai and Waters: Fuzzy identity-based encryption (EUROCRYPT 2005) as a first step. I assume you know the basic of ...


The previous answers skip an important fact. I think that a PE for all circuits and A FE for all circuits are equivalent in the sense that you can build the second from the first one (the opposite direction is trivial). A key for a circuit C with output size of $n$ bits can be implemented as $n$ PE keys in which the $i$-th key is relative to the circuit ...

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